Let your community translate your site into any language with Worldwide Lexicon

Let your community translate your site into any language with Worldwide Lexicon

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In the same way Wikipedia enables the community to create and edit articles, Worldwide Lexicon is a simple plugin that lets your community edit language translation of your blog or site. You see, the problem with computer generated language translation is it’s often wrong grammatically or awkward because it doesn’t understand colloquialism or phrases unique to a certain language.

With WordPress, Drupal and Firefox plugins and a Translation Proxy Server that makes any website translatable, Worldwide Lexicon has a giant database of translations, which can be embedded in almost any website or web application.

User facing

Community can engagement is fueled by translations being able to be scored so the editors can earn a reputation. If you want you can your pages professionally translated, WWL have partnered with a company called SpeakLike who charge 6-10 cents per word for a professional translator.


Once you’ve installed the tool it shows you a list of the different languages that are supported and the website owner can choose weather they want machine translation, community translation or both and who is allowed to translate.

I sat down with founder Brian McConnell who started the venture when he was interested in learning other languages online. His overall goal is to make the web itself translatable, and to leverage the hundreds of millions of bilingual Internet users to translate the web.

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