Wikileaks: The movie to expose most dangerous man in the world

Wikileaks: The movie to expose most dangerous man in the world

Exposed government secrets, allegation of sexual misconduct and a man on a mission to change the wold from the inside out; it has all the right ingredient needed to make a juicy  hollywood thriller.  The biography of Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is being optioned for a feature film version, reports Comingsoon.
Entitled “The Most Dangerous Man in the World” and written by award winning Australian writer Andrew Fowler, the book is set to be released this year (on a still unspecified date) and details the life of Assange and his controversial website, launched in 2006.

Fowler, a reporter for the Australian news show “Foreign Correspondent” has repeatedly interviewed fellow Australian Assange, including a famous report last June released shortly after Assange was said to have gone into hiding.

Producers on the project in include Michelle Krumm, Barry Josephson and, co-producing, L.H. Adonis.

Will is be anything like this spoof:

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