Welcome to TNW Video!

Welcome to TNW Video!

Thank you for the intro Zee!

Well hello there! I’m extremely excited to be heading up The Next Web’s Silicon Valley Video studio in San Francisco.

I have been working in the online media and technology space for a few years now and I’m very passionate about the shift in media being driven by technology. I’m also fascinated by the people behind the technology, the entrepreneurs who are thinking big and making things happen.

So what can you expect to find here?

News, events and interviews with different types of people involved in the technology industry from VC’s and investors to lead developers and entrepreneurs. Plus other video related funnies I’ve spotted on the web.

How can you get involved?

If you have some ground breaking technology/cool products/events you want to share with me on video please email [email protected]/.com We also have a video studio in the heart of startup land SOMA in San Francisco, please feel free to email and pop round whenever you are in the area. We will be holding regular events where you can come and network with some industry influentials. Follow me on Plancast for updates. Press releases event invites also welcome: [email protected].

A quick video blog to say hi!

You can also stay tuned to TNW Video via RSSYou TubeVimeo, Twitter, Facebook and TNW Video here on The Next Web.

Oh and where to find us? Voila:
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