TNW València Highlights

Bringing the heat to Valencia

What an incredible two days at TNW València 2023! Over 2,000 attendees immersed themselves in the captivating talks of inspiring speakers, witnessed the brilliance of innovative entrepreneurs, and basked in the lively fiesta vibes under the warm sun at La Marina de Valencia. Don't miss out on these highlights!

It's time for Valencia!

With the ribbon cut, TNW València officially opened its doors to welcome the world's foremost experts and innovators. At the Opening Ceremony and Party, which was sponsored by Zeus, attendees were joined by both Sandra Gómez, vice mayor of the city Valencia, and Myrthe van der Erve, TNW's CEO, as they cut the ribbon together. The event was filled with tech enthusiasts eager to discover the latest and greatest in Mediterranean tech, and TNW València is poised to reveal the exciting possibilities for the future.

Redefining resilience with Alex Roca

Despite the numerous obstacles that faced him, Alex Roca has exhibited an unwavering resilience and continues to exceed expectations, leaving everyone in the audience captivated by his presentation on redefining resilience. His remarkable story is a testament to the fact that with determination and perseverance, one can achieve great things.

Pitch Battles

Our lineup of exceptional startups and their impressive pitches left our panel of investors, media, and industry leaders with a challenging task of selecting the finalists. Scroll down to discover which startup presented the most groundbreaking ideas, hosted by Oisin Lunny at the Impact stage.

The Rise of the Tech Ecosystem

A panel of industry professionals made up of Christophe Morvan from Drakestar, Lucía Calabria Tasa from València Activa, José Bayón from Enisa, and Javier Espinoza from Financial Times, we engaged in an insightful discussion on the collaboration required between the public and private sectors to propel the Spanish ecosystem to greater heights. Their valuable insights shed light on the potential opportunities that can be harnessed through effective cooperation.

Sponsors and exhibitors

The exhibition floor was a hub of activity, showcasing a diverse range of companies and their latest ideas, products, and services. Being able to interact with various brands and delve into their unique approaches towards the future of technology was a thrilling experience, making it clear that the tech industry is ever-evolving and constantly pushing boundaries.

The Ferris Wheel made it to Valencia!

We reimagined traditional meetings by flipping them on their head and taking them to new heights on TNW's Ferris Wheel, providing an unparalleled view of the breathtaking La Marina de Valencia and the sea. Whether you were seeking to catch up with colleagues, close a significant business deal, or simply take in some fresh air, this experience elevated our connections to new heights.

Boosting non-profit impact through tech with Jen Carter

During this session, we learned about Google's efforts to assist non-profit organizations in enhancing their outreach by utilizing the potential of technology. Jen Carter's vast knowledge and experience shed light on the ways we can employ technology to address some of the most pressing issues faced by humanity. Her insights and recommendations were truly enlightening and thought-provoking!

Startups and investors

Startups and investors had the chance to meet, talk business, and create new leads as they networked the day away with international companies. With two days in the Spanish sun, there were endless meetings with countless opportunities on the horizon.

How the cloud simplifies flight data

Did you know a flight from Hamburg to Valencia generates terabytes of data? At the Growth Quarters stage we explored how cloud technology helps airlines to make sense of this. Grateful for the insights gained from Thorsten Pohl and Jasper Pult, Head of Technology & Standards and Principal Architect at Lufthansa Technik AG - AVIATAR.

Innovating for inclusion, equality, and equity

Katica Roy, Janneke Niessen, and Andrii Degeler discussed the significance of inclusivity, equality, and equity. They delved into various topics, ranging from bridging the digital divide to resolving workforce shortages. This session offered valuable insights on ways to close these gaps, and provided a deeper understanding of such critical issues.

Pitch Battle winner!

Congratulations to Crowmie for taking the crown at our Pitch Battle finals! Our panel of investors, industry leaders, and media were thoroughly impressed by their compelling and influential presentation, which undoubtedly sealed the deal. TNW wishes them all the very best in their future endeavors.

Valencia's strategic plan

Borja Sanjuan, Lucia Calabria, Guillermo Sanchez, and Ioana Lykiardopoulou took to the Growth Quarters stage to explore the exciting potential of Valencia's technological evolution. Their intriguing discussion shed light on the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead for the city, and gave us a better understanding of Valencia's promising future in tech.

That's a wrap!

With numerous inspiring talks, innovative startups, and endless networking opportunities, TNW València 2023 has come to an end! Thank you for joining our Closing Party on the VIP Boat, where we savored the breathtaking views of La Marina de Valencia while relaxing with new connections. We can't wait to reminisce with you!

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