Watch Snowden sound off on Trump live on November 10

Watch Snowden sound off on Trump live on November 10
Credit: Laura Poitras / ACLU

President-elect Donald Trump (I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be typing those words several times in the next two months) is neither the biggest fan nor the smartest authority on tech, and that’s likely to affect the industry as well as consumers – meaning, all of us – at large in a big way.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden will certainly have a lot to say about how Trump’s upcoming term in the White House will affect citizens’ privacy, and you’ll be able to watch him tackle questions about the topic live on November 10, thanks to StartPage.

The Dutch search engine is hosting a Q&A livestream at 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM ET / 10:30PM CET / 3AM IST, in which Snowden will be patched in from Moscow to answer select questions hashtagged #StartPageSnowden. You can tune in at the aforementioned time on this page.

Trump’s opinions about technology certainly don’t mesh well with Snowden’s: The President-elect previously called for closing off parts of the Web to prevent the spread of ISIS propaganda and urged people to boycott Apple for refusing to help the FBI unlock an iPhone discovered in connection with last year’s San Bernardino shootings.

He also called Snowden a ‘terrible threat’ and a ‘traitor’ after the whistleblower leaked documents exposing the NSA’s secret surveillance program. Plus, Senator Richard Burr, the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, has been reelected and might get a second chance to pass legislation requiring companies to build backdoors into their software for government agencies to snoop on users – only this time he might have fellow Republican Donald Trump’s backing. It sounds like this will be a lively watch indeed.

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