FBI clears Hillary Clinton in email investigation yet again

FBI clears Hillary Clinton in email investigation yet again
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In a letter to congressional committee chairmen obtained by CNN, FBI director James Comey has cleared Senator Hillary Clinton following an investigation of her emails that were believed to hold evidence of her mishandling classified information.

Comey wrote, “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July.” He was referring to his recommendation from earlier in the year that Clinton not be criminally charged, prior to her first joint campaign appearance with President Obama.

Credit: Jim Acosta / Twitter
Credit: Jim Acosta / Twitter



The news comes just two days before the US presidential election, which is a perilous time for allegations of possible wrongdoing against a candidate to come out. Comey was called out for revealing that the FBI was investigating emails from Clinton’s campaign so close to voting day.

True to form, Donald Trump took that opportunity to point the finger at Clinton and expose his lack of understanding of present-day technology, saying, “You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days. You can’t do it, folks. Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, the people know it, and now it’s up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on November 8.”

As it turns out, you most certainly can review 650,000 emails in a little over a week.

The letter should see the Clinton campaign heave a sigh of relief, but it’s possible that Comey’s unprecedented announcement 11 days ago may have jeopardized Hillary’s chances at winning.

NBC noted that more than 40 million early votes have already been cast so far; Laura Quinn, CEO of Catalist, a D.C.-based polling firm with more than 17 million of them between October 28, the day the Comey letter was released, and today, according to Laura Quinn, CEO of Catalist, a D.C.-based polling firm. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few days.

FBI clears Clinton -- again on CNN

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