Even the trolls have abandoned Jeb Bush

Even the trolls have abandoned Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush pulled out of the Republican race Saturday night after finishing fourth in South Carolina with just 7.8 percent of the primary vote behind Trump, Rubio and Cruz and it appears George W.’s loser brother has quickly become too lame even to prank.

JebBush.com was never owned by the campaign (it’s Jeb2016 if anyone’s still interested) but someone in the Trump camp had a cheeky redirect on the domain right up until last week.

Jeb Bush Way Back Machine
Credit: Way Back Machine

Now it’s just a sad ad page going nowhere.

Credit: Jebbush.com

Bush hadn’t made many friends online after failing to understand the encryption debate and then sending *that* pro-gun tweet. Now even his trolls have ditched him.

JebBush.com [via Gizmodo]

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