Amazon increases minimum spend for free shipping in the US

Amazon increases minimum spend for free shipping in the US
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Amazon has increased the amount of money customers in the US need to spend in order to qualify for free shipping.

Previously, customers spending more than $35 in total would be offered the option of free, albeit not expedited, shipping. Now, you’ll need to spend at least $49 to have that option.

There is one exception though – if you spend more than $25 on books in your order, the whole shipment will qualify for free delivery, even if you’ve spent less than $49 in total.

While one way of looking at it is Amazon recouping increasing logistics costs, or another is the company trying to make it ever more enticing to sign up for its Prime subscription service, which allows for free deliveries on most orders.

We’ve contacted Amazon to see if the increase will be rolling out to other markets, but are yet to hear back.

➤ Order with Free Shipping by Amazon [Via TechCrunch]

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