Crowdsourced ad design platform Dispop launches with $600k seed funding from Inimiti

Crowdsourced ad design platform Dispop launches with $600k seed funding from Inimiti

Crowdsourced ad design platform Dispop has launched today after raising $600,000 in seed funding from Inimiti Capital Partners.

Basically, Dispop employs a similar concept to popular design competition service 99Designs but is targeted squarely at advertisers and has an added twist – it allows companies to shortlist designs then run ad campaigns to test their efficacy.

Advertisers get to work with designers directly on Dispop: a company posts an ad brief on the platform, designers submit their designs, and the company picks their favorites among those submitted. Dispop then allows the company to test the ads by selecting banners they wish to run via syncing up their Google, Facebook or demand-side platforms and then launching their campaign. The banner that delivers the most clicks or conversions “win” the contest.

Dispop says it has an extensive network of designers, and that is key to making its competition concept work.

For each separate contest, the top three designers are paid a percentage of the winnings, which will be determined by the size of the package that advertisers sign up for. Companies can purchase package sizes of $199 for Bronze, $499 for Silver or $999 for Gold – the number of designs and A/B test variations increase the more a company pays. In the case of a $499 silver package, the top designer wins $269, second place wins $77 and third place wins $39.

Alon Geva, General Partner at Inimiti, noted that according to Interactive Advertising Bureau, display ad revenues in 2012 posted record-breaking double-digit growth to reach $12 billion.

“Online and mobile display is poised for growth,” Geva says, explaining the rationale behind Inimiti’s investment in Dispop.

Dispop says it will use the funding from Inimiti to expand its US operations and establish new partnerships with demand-side platforms, ad networks and agency trading desks.

Dispop was founded in Tel Aviv in 2012 with offices in New York. Since its inception, Dispop and its parent company DesignPax have created more than 22,700 online ads.

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