NY Tech Meetup announces new coalition to support women in tech

NY Tech Meetup announces new coalition to support women in tech

NY Tech Meetup (NYTM), Control Group and Girl Develop It have launched the Coalition for Women in Technology, a “unified group” of New York organizations that support women in technology though education, networking, mentorship, and career development.

According to Jessica Lawrence, NYTM’s Executive Director, the group “will aggregate and amplify the work that each individual organization is doing” and will create “a one-stop place where women and girls in the city can find the resources to get engaged in technology.”

The coalition, which counts organizations like Hack n JillChange the RatioGirls Who Code, and NY Tech Women as members, appears to be in its early stages. That in mind, you’d be wise to keep an eye on it as it develops; NYTM’s involvement alone means the organization will draw plenty of attention, given its 32,000 members.

Right now, the Coalition for Women in Technology is asking for interested individuals and organizations to sign up here. We’ve reached out to NYTM for more, and will update this post when we hear back.

Photo credit: Camilo Van-Strahlen

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