Check out the 12 projects demoing tonight at November’s all-academic New York Tech Meetup

Check out the 12 projects demoing tonight at November’s all-academic New York Tech Meetup

Anyone that’s found themselves eying New York’s tech scene is bound to have heard of NY Tech Meetup, the massive monthly gathering that comes together to watch approximately 10 companies demo their work to the tech community for 3-5 minutes each.

Every month a slim 850 seats are available for the meetup’s more than 28,000 members at NYU’s Skirball auditorium, and so once the tickets go live, they sell out almost instantly. In case you didn’t grab a ticket this month, or are geographically challenged, TNW once again (read: SeptemberAugust & July) has a list of this month’s demoing projects and companies, so you can see what you’re missing.

Tonight, instead of showcasing a handful of emerging startups, November’s meetup is NYTM’s special all-academic night, featuring projects from university students and professors. Take a look below and let us know what you think!

1. Qeexo:

Fingers have many “modes” — they do not just poke, as contemporary touchscreen interaction would suggest, but also flick, rub, knock, grasp, and can perform many other actions. Qeexo wants to bring new dimensions of touch to interactive surfaces, and make better use of the natural richness of our hands.


2. Touché:

Touché is a new sensing technology that proposes a Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing technique that can not only detect a touch event, but simultaneously recognize complex configurations of the human fingers, hand and body during touch interaction.


3. Housefly / Bitstillery:

Data visualization software and design studio.


4. DOM:

DOM is a cool bookmarklet that turns websites into 3D platformers using jQuery, Three.js, and magic.


5. Mahaya:

Front row seats to history.


6. GrandMentor:


7. Entrupy:

We fingerprint and digitize artwork. Heard of fingerprints? Imagine artworks having unique fingerprints or DNA that identifies them. We can extract, store and identify unique fingerprints without modifying the artwork in any way.


8. SpaceSplitter (past coverage):

Buy household supplies, and split the cost with roommates


9. Heads Up! Hot Dogs:

Woah! It’s Heads Up! Hot Dogs, an all-beef action frank-fest from Diego Garcia and Emmett Butler — the masterminds behind such internet hits as Ultimate Flirt-Off and Dokideux Panikku. Use one or two fingers to drag and drop franks, bagels, and any number of mystery meals to safety. These dogs are doomed if they sink to street-level, so you’d better toss ’em on a noggin where they can ride in style.

Details have let to be released regarding TrollNet (10), Future of Books (11) and (12). We’ll share them with you as they surface.

As TNW announced back in September, NYTM has established a partnership with NY-based MLB Advanced Media (yes, Major League Baseball), to power its livestreams. This means that NY’ers are still able to watch a simulcast of the event at New Work City.

Image credit: Afton Almaraz /Getty Images

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