NYC launches startup competition to give away free high-speed fiber broadband build-outs

NYC launches startup competition to give away free high-speed fiber broadband build-outs

New York City has launched the ConnectNYC Fiber Challenge: a competition for NY-based startups to win free high-speed fiber broadband build-outs for their businesses. If you run a company in the city, have less than 100 employees and want to get your hands on significantly faster Internet speeds, enter here by November 27th.

Diving into the details, NYCEDC, New York’s non-profit economic development arm, explains who will win: “Contestants demonstrating the highest potential impact of fiber connectivity – on their own business, nearby businesses, and underserved areas – will become finalists. Finalists will have a chance to win a free build-out of fiber internet connectivity to their place of business.”

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This is part of NY’s larger goal of advancing its presence as a tech hub, and while the competition will not help all NY startups (100+ businesses are anticipated to receive free fiber wiring through this year’s competition), it will allow the entire startup community to express its level of interest in rapidly expanding high-speed broadband connections.

If your interest is piqued, visit the link below to learn more about the judging criteria and enter.

➤ ConnectNYC Fiber Challenge

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