Google makes 4,000 Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots free across the US in September, excludes iOS and Windows Phone

Google makes 4,000 Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots free across the US in September, excludes iOS and Windows Phone ...

Boingo is offering consumers free Wi-Fi at more than 4,000 hotspots across America as part of a collaboration with Google Play. However, it looks like iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry users aren’t invited.

The hotspots will be available for all Android users, as well as those running OS X or a Windows computer in hotels, cafes, recreational areas and other “high-traffic locations” across the country. Boingo’s announcement makes no reference to either Apple or Microsoft’s mobile operating systems though, suggesting this is aimed squarely at Google advocates.

It’s also worth noting that fifteen airports, including New York’s John F. Kennedy, Chicago O’Hare and Seattle-Tacoma, as well as Boingo-enabled Manhattan subway stations, are among the hotspots supported.

The scheme has been setup as part of Boingo’s Cloud Nine Media platform, a network which allows advertisers to reach new consumers through various Wi-Fi sponsorships.

Boingo says anyone accessing the Wi-Fi hotspot will also have access to some “free content” – although it doesn’t specify what that is – as well as access to the usual apps, music, movies and e-books available on Google Play.

Dawn Callahan, vice president of consumer marketing for Boingo Wireless said:

Google Play is the first to take part in our newly expanded Wi-Fi sponsorship network, which reaches millions of consumers each month with place-based brand engagements. Sponsorships like this give users the free Wi-Fi they crave, advertisers the consumer interaction they need, and venues the revenue to offset the costs associated with providing a high-bandwidth Wi-Fi experience.

The announcement follows what Boingo has been calling the ‘Summer of Free Wi-Fi NYC’, a rollout of free Wi-Fi on subway stations and other Manhatten destinations. This time however, the scheme was partnered up with Google Offers.

The free Wi-Fi runs though unti the end of September, so best to make the most of it now while you still can. That is, if your device is using an operating system that is applicable.

Featured image: Charleston’s TheDigitel

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