TechStars Boston announces new fall program, and you can apply for it right now

TechStars Boston announces new fall program, and you can apply for it right now

With its Winter program finishing up, TechStars Boston has just made public that they are now accepting applications for a brand-new fall class. Originally, just one class per year was held in Boston, but now the program is bumping up to a bi-annual schedule, creating room for around 24 new startups a year.

With this change comes an expanded focus, as the team is reportedly “inviting robotics, bio informatics, health IT, digital manufacturing and edutech companies to apply.”

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According to managing director Katie Rae:

The main driver for increasing the frequency of the program is the high quality of companies applying. We also have an incredible mentor network that grows every year, and I think we’re personally getting better at running the program. Doing it twice a year lets us have a continuous staff.

TechStars provides $18,000 in seed funding from over 75 top venture capital firms and angel investors, in exchange for 6% equity. We’ve been strong supporters of TechStars in the past, and will continue to do so, as it’s clearly pushing tech scenes across the US to grow.

For more on TS, you might want to take a peek at TNW’s coverage of the first TechStars Cloud Demo Day in San Antonio and TechStars NY’s latest class of startups.

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