This VC visualization shows off the killer startups from Columbia University

This VC visualization shows off the killer startups from Columbia University

Columbia University has a top-notch reputation and an impressive set of successful alumni, but that isn’t immediately evident to those that haven’t done their research. Neu Venture Capital, a New York City-based seed-stage investor, just made it way easier for Columbia to show off thanks to its new venture capital visualization: the VC Visualizer.

It may not seem like much at first look, but you’ll quickly realize how well the visualization shows interconnectivity between startups. Huge names like GroupMe, Hunch, Codecademy,, ZocDoc and Kohort are all present, and it’s as compelling as it is revealing to see how they are all connected with one another, drawing data from Columbia’s own entrepreneurship site.

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Neu Venture Capital isn’t a stranger to visualizations either, and has made others like this VC Bar Graph to show off the recent increase in investments within the past decade.

Some of the startups shown share zero investors or founders with the rest, like Humanoid, Apprats and Lot18. It would worthwhile to compare the success and failures of more isolated startups with the rest of the pool — and it likely says something about what many top investors are looking for at the moment.

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