From NFL to Harry Potter, eBay reveals 2011’s top pop culture inspired shopping trends

From NFL to Harry Potter, eBay reveals 2011’s top pop culture inspired shopping trends

eBay has published its third annual “Top Shopped” report today, ranking the top pop-culture moments and trends based on items sold in the USA.

The online marketplace analyzed sales data based on what people bought across all categories, and identified what really interested the public this year.

eBay has more than 200m listings placed by 100 million users each day. Whilst last week Google revealed its 2011 ‘Zeitgeist’ list of the most searched people, products and events this year, today it was eBay’s turn to get in on the act, saying:

“eBay sales are a direct indicator of what Americans are most fascinated by and uniquely reflects the cultural zeitgeist.”

America’s top pop culture obsessions

Current NFL champions, the Green Bay Packers, were responsible for selling 234,089 items on eBay, more than any other professional football team, whilst the NFL helped shift 1,837,834 items overall, securing it the much coveted ‘top pop culture’ obsession on eBay – trumping the NBA, MLB and the NHL.

America’s obsession with fictional magicians and immortals was evident from eBay’s figures too. 297,330 Twilight-related items were sold, beaten into second place by the 446,915 Harry Potter-related items that changed hands this year.

2011 has very been a good year for Apple too. 215,412 iPad-related items were sold, compared to 144,238 for the iPod Nano and 22,657 for the iPhone 4S. In terms of tech, however, 272,821 Call of Duty themed items were sold, pushing the game into fourth spot overall.

eBay has compiled this infographic, outlining the top 10 shopped items on eBay, relating to popular culture events in 2011, with their corresponding number of items sold:

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