Want to work for a startup in NYC? Check out We Are NY Tech.

Want to work for a startup in NYC? Check out We Are NY Tech.

Have you ever heard that New York City is the greatest city in the world? With the exception of the month of August on Canal St., it’s true. And despite a worldwide recession, New York City is thriving. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes our city’s startup center will be superior to California’s Silicon Valley in a number of ways. We’ve written about New York City’s tech scene in the past and published several lists of NYC’s shining startups but never has there been as awesome a way to get involved…

Today, We Are NY Tech, a site dedicated to New York City’s tech scene, launched its very own featured job board for open positions within New York’s tech community. Want to be a Technical Co-Founder of a hot New York startup? Check it out, as well as a plethora of other available gigs like web developers, social media internships and sales execs. The site has only been active since 9am this morning so expect the job offerings to increase over the next few weeks.

Every day, We Are NY Tech features the faces and profiles of NYC’s tech community. In case you haven’t seen it: I am a little bit obsessed with the site’s “Randomize” feature in the top left corner on the toolbar. It’s like an internal StumbleUpon to learn about the community. The genius site was made by the guys at Simande. Meet them here: EricYinMatt and Matt.

We made this job board because it seemed like something the NYC startup community needed. Lots of exciting companies have positions to fill and talented people need a place to find new opportunities,” says We Are NY Tech co-founder Matt Shampine.

At this time, featured jobs are in New York City only. The pricing breakdown for posting jobs on We Are NY Tech is as follows:

Hehehe…It’s so uncool to work for a bank anyways.

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