Groupon Could Soon Come To Cash Registers

Groupon Could Soon Come To Cash Registers

Group-buying website Groupon could soon see its service supported by cash-register manufacturers, enabling retailers to easily accept coupons from their customers, as stated by the company President Rob Solomon.

According to a report by Businessweek, Groupon is currently in talks with Verifone Systems, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic-payment systems, working on a deal that will make Groupon deals as easy to process as debit or credit card payments.

Groupon-enabled registers could sport a dedicated button for Groupon purchases, allowing retailers to better deal with transactions and returns generated by specific deals. The ability to process Groupon deals would help small businesses process the influx of orders from Groupon, a potential barrier to entry for companies looking to boost their sales.

The company is currently expanding its operations in Asia, having rebuffed a reported $6 billion takeover offer from Google. Groupon is also said to be talking to Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley about an initial public offering although the company’s CEO has said that an IPO is “less than 100% sure”.

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