WordPress 3.0 Surpasses 30 Million Downloads

WordPress 3.0 Surpasses 30 Million Downloads

WordPress 3.0, the most recent self-hosted version of the world’s most popular blogging platform WordPress has surpassed 30 million downloads today, crossing the barrier earlier this morning.

WordPress employs a counter on its website, counting each and every download of the WordPress software, and with WordPress 3.1 on the horizon its staggering to think just how many blogs there are in use, hosted in numerous countries around the world.

WordPress 3.0 broke the 20 million barrier in October, adding 10 million extra users in just under three months, but it isn’t the only WordPress property performing well for the Automattic, the company created by its founder Matt Mullenweg. WordPress.com, the commercially run arm of the popular blogging platform is growing incredibly fast, with 6 million new blog signups in the past year.

WordPress.com saw its total pageviews for the year stand at 23 billion, up an impressive 53% from 2009. Media uploads also doubled to 94.5 terabytes of new photos and videos, while new posts were up 110% to 146 million. Mobile WordPress blogging was as on the up also -the company’s userbase for its mobile apps increased 700% to 1.4 million in 2010.

We got in touch with Automattic after Royal Pingdom picked up on stats published in late December that revealed that the WordPress.com now accounts for half of all WordPress blogs around the world. The 30 million downloads of WordPress 3.0 helping to account for the other half.

The download counter isn’t necessarily indicative of the true amount of active WordPress blogs currently installed on servers worldwide but it is still a huge number. We have reached out to Automattic to see if it can shed any light on just how many WordPress installations are in use.

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