Confirmed: iPad on sale at Walmart this Friday

Confirmed: iPad on sale at Walmart this Friday

Walmart has confirmed to Electronista that the iPad will go on sale at “hundreds” of its stores starting this Friday, October 15. We first reported about the tablet coming to Walmart just last week.

The world’s largest retailer will then expand sales of the “magical” iPad to 2,300 US stores by mid-November, i.e. before Black Friday and the holiday rush. Walmart will set up dedicated areas to sell the iPad (we’re guessing in a similar manner to Best Buy, which has had the iPad since April) and will sell the tablet for the same prices as Apple sells them in their stores. Buyers will be able to order/purchase on, though the iPads will have to be picked up in-store.

Just one more sign that this holiday season, the most popular tech gifts will be in tablet form – whether the iPad, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nook, or other flat and thin devices.

Oh, and can you just imagine what the iPad in 2,300 Walmarts will do for Apple’s next quarter and beyond?

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