PayPal goes big. $100,000 in checks deposited in first 36 hours.

PayPal goes big. $100,000 in checks deposited in first 36 hours.

Since releasing its newest feature of allowing PayPal users to deposit checks to their accounts via its new iPhone application, PayPal has apparently struck a chord that many have been waiting to hear. In the first 36 hours after its release, according to the PayPal Blog, the company has seen deposits of checks top a total of $100,000.

The company, which has been one of the most loved and hated on the Internet since its inception, has been working hard lately to implement new features and roll its services into other platforms as well. With new upgrades to its security and the forthcoming in-app purchases for mobile devices, PayPal continues to innovate its way firmly into our financial lives.

Since being acquired by Ebay in 2002, PayPal has launched numerous updates, including its own developer platform with PayPal X. For those interested in the development side of PayPal, the company is also touting its second developer’s conference (Innovate 2010) later this month in San Francisco.

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