Amazon Begins Selling iPads, Will This Pressure The Kindle?

Amazon Begins Selling iPads, Will This Pressure The Kindle?

The iPad is now for sale by Jeff Bezos, putting the device that many view as a threat to Amazon’s Kindle empire on the same digital shelves.

This is of course not the only major retailer to sell the iPad apart from Apple, both Best Buy and Target also carry the popular slate computers.

When the iPad was launched, a key component of its content and media strategy was the iBooks store and reader, something that was in direct competition to what Amazon has built with its Kindle readers and software platform. Given the color and touch capabilities of the iPad, many pundits assumed that iPad was the beginning of the end for Kindle.

While that has not turned out to be the case, iBooks still has long term potential to be a serious player in the eBook market, a space that Amazon would be more than happy to control. Of course, selling a few iPads is not going to tilt the scales in any direction, but it does demonstrate how product agnostic the full retail side of Amazon truly is.

As of the time off writing, there were three iPad configurations in the top 20 selling electronic products on Amazon.

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