America has issues

America has issues

Of course America has issues. All countries do. However, the Yahoo! Ask America project followed through with its name and asked America what the most pressing issues were.

1.6 million Americans responded, and then the JESS3 team went to work creating an infographic from the information gathered. Here’s the end result:

The JESS3 blog goes into some details. Here’s what they found, by the numbers:

  • 65% believe Obama is “out of touch” while 35% maintain he is “busy working on hard problems.”
  • 53% feel that wealthy oil companies should be taxed more to subsidize alternate energy sources.
  • 75% would like to see their state adopt an immigration law similar to Arizona’s.
  • 56% think that the US can maintain its superpower size despite China’s speedy economic rise.
  • 65% of respondents believe that the Tea Part is not powered by negative appeals based on race.
  • 65% want the courts to invalidate the health care law because of its universal mandate.

Interesting results, to say the least. Agree or disagree, these are the answers that America gave in response to a rather open-ended question.

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