Today Is The Day That Chicago’s Tech Scene Comes Of Age

Today Is The Day That Chicago’s Tech Scene Comes Of Age
As a proud resident of Chicago and an advocate of its growing technology scene, today is exciting. In a few hours, a big technology event is kicking the city into high gear.

Zee (the Editor in Chief of TNW, of course) and myself are going to be in and about Chicago, hanging out and doing the rounds both today and tomorrow. If you are in the Chicago area, we expect to see you. Really, do say hi, we will be wearing oh-so-fashionable TNW attire. Just look for the hot bloggers with our bulky, bulging muscles.

The conference, midVenturesLAUNCH, is the Midwest’s biggest event, well, ever. TNW is a media sponsor of the event, and Zee is going to be judging the startups fighting it out for glory and cash. In a word, we are excited.

The event’s hackathon completed last night to much tweeted success. What was made remains to be seen, but it should impress. The winner will end up on stage at some point I do believe.

All in all, this event marks Chicago’s coming of age. Never before has our city managed to bring in such high profile names as it is right now. People are finally paying attention to us; we are no longer a city that is to be passed over between the coasts. Yes our winters are cold, but our technology is hot, and we are going to prove it.

This is a big week for technology. We have people at TechCrunch Disrupt, we have people in Finland, and Zee and myself are in Chicago. It feels good to stay at home and still be at one of the hottest conferences in the world.

Oh, and if you still need a ticket, you can use our code to do so and get a discount.  See you all soon.

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