The current beat of Silicon Valley pumps through Quora and Plancast

The current beat of Silicon Valley pumps through Quora and Plancast

There has been a bit of controversy around Silicon Valley over the last few days if you haven’t noticed. That said, we’ve been more interested in the pipes than the [insert your own word here] going through them, and we think we’ve confirmed that two startups are really where the beat of the Valley pulsates: Quora and Plancast.

Oh, and Twitter, but that’s true for almost anywhere and anything these days.

Beyond Twitter, Quora and Plancast have seemingly become the defacto first stops for debate and well…sarcasm and getting together. If you haven’t heard of these startups, see our previous coverage of Quora here and here, and Plancast here, and here, and then come on back.

This week’s brew-ha-ha isn’t the first time that the Valley has turned to these websites to vent/debate/joke and we only see this increasing as these services become even more popular – just yesterday we used Quora for instance to discuss Facebook being down. Of course, both services have tremendous value for everyday uses as well, controversy or not. In fact, we’d like to propose that…

These two companies figure out a way to integrate with each other.

First of all, they both use the same Facebook & Twitter integration methods – that is where they get the vast majority of their users. Second, adding events and plans to Quora would be a great way to organize around topics and on the flip side, Quora could be used by Plancast as a kind of in-depth back-channel of discussion, though admittedly the service already does a good job with discussion.

Really it would be about a better flow of information, and of course, we’re not just talking about information flow in the Valley – neither of these apps are Valley specific in any way, they’re just being adopted there first. That said, both of these apps help people communicate, figure things out and get together – one virtually, the other physically – so having the two of them in one place would be ideal – perhaps a third party developer will be able to come up with something once Quora opens up an API (Plancast already has one).

Another option could be….

Twitter  just buying them both and then everyone would have on big happy place to vent! We can dream, can’t we? After all, this is Silicon Valley.

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