Can Solve Media turn Captcha into an advertising platform?

Can Solve Media turn Captcha into an advertising platform?

We’ve all been told the simple fact about studying: if you write something down, you’re more likely to remember it. Having that “likely to remember” factor is something that businesses strive for in all of their marketing, but few actually reach the goal. Now, a company called Solve Media is bringing about a way to…solve that problem while addressing another as well.

Lately you’ve heard, we’re sure, about the pay walls that have gone up on some popular internet sites. It’s all part of a grand search to figure out how to glean money from Internet properties. So many site readers are immune to Internet advertising that site owners and advertising designers are taking invasive measures to put an ad in front of eyeballs.

What Solve Media has done, with its new platform, is change the way that advertising works while also providing a way to authenticate real users from clicking bots:

According to All Things Digital:

The idea is that Jacoby’s ads require users to engage with them, by typing in the names of brands and products. But they don’t do anything beyond that — they don’t trigger a video, or take you to another Web site, or anything else. It’s sort of like sitting on your couch and uttering “Outback” every time a Subaru spot comes on.

The idea seems to be spot on…if it will only catch on. So let us know your thoughts. Would you prefer something like what Solve Media is proposing, or are full-page ads and pre-content distractions still catching your attention? Will the idea work?

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