The New York Times and NYU team up for hyper-local blog

The New York Times and NYU team up for hyper-local blog

Content experimentation is a fun, albeit risky game to play. But when no profit is required, it is a game that is hard to lose. The venerable New York Times and NYU are teaming up to launch a new hyper-local blog to cover just a portion of Manhattan.

Yes ladies and gentleman, the East Village is about to be overly scrutinized by a collection of students and locals of ever station. The goal of the project, called The Local: East Village, is to have at least half of its content come from “members of the community.”

The rest of the blog’s content will come from grad students at NYU taking a class entitled “The Hyperlocal Newsroom.” A former Times reporter, the one Richard Jones is heading up the enterprise.

Back to profits, the goal isn’t to make any. Some of the content acquired via the community will be remunerated, but the details for that process are murky at the moment. In short, most of the content will be free for a site that is being maintained by a collection of students. Even if revenue is not a goal, that is a frugal way to run a business.

Will you be able to enjoy the publication? If you have a New York Times account and live in the East Village, this could be the blog for you. Heck, you could even try and contribute. Who doesn’t want “published in the New York Times” on their resume?

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