Viacom To Google: We Are Appealing The YouTube Decision

Viacom To Google: We Are Appealing The YouTube Decision

This case just won’t end. Even after the suit was lost by Viacom, the company is continuing unabated in their legal quest to raid the Google piggy bank over what increasingly seems to be weak allegations of misconduct.

Google beat Viacom in what we called a “massive copyright” case with a fair reading of the DMCA’s ‘safe harbor’ provisions. Google called the absolving of YouTube fair, and Viacom ground their teeth. Viacom is back for more and has summarily appealed the decision.

We are not lawyers, but as the last case was dropped by ‘summary judgement,’ we doubt the ability of Viacom to turn the tables in their favor. They lost hard in the last dispute, what can they do to change that this time around? Still, the company has its arms out and is pushing forward yet again. Perhaps after another judge sticks with YouTube they will drop the case. Then again, perhaps not.

Google is not playing their cards that close to their chest. In previous documents Google had said the following:

Under the DMCA safe harbor rules, we are completely inside of the letter and spirit of the law. Precedents have been set for such rulings in trials like Io Group v. Veoh.

YouTube and Google have no intention to bail out a struggling business. Learn how to make your own money.

With words like that Google won the case. What will Viacom do to not lose again?

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