Lunch with the President? You can now add his schedule to iCal

Lunch with the President? You can now add his schedule to iCal

The White House has made President Barack Obama’s full schedule fully publically available online, according to GOOD. In fact, they’ve gone so far as to include an iCal version, so you won’t miss your lunch next Tuesday with POTUS.

The calendar seems to be logically aimed at the press corps as all parts of his itinerary have his availability to the press (of course, the President’s schedule has always been available to the press, just not like this). That said, it’s another small step in a creating a more open government for everyone.

So what is Obama doing later today? Well, at 3:05 (all times EST we’re assuming) he’s congratulating the Warner Robins Softball World Series Champions, then at 4:30, he’s meeting with Defenece Secretary Gates, both of which are closed to the press. Finally at 7pm, he’s attending a DNC Fundraising Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Sounds fancy.

The calendar page also has a “Daily Guidance” drop down for the press, weekly and daily views and lets you look into the President’s future schedule as far as it goes – although as the most powerful man in the world, he needs to keep it flexible. You understand. In addition to iCal, you can subscribe to his calendar through RSS.

Oh, and the Vice President has a public schedule as well: he’s at the Grand Canyon today.


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