A meme begins as BP admits to more Photoshop fakery

A meme begins as BP admits to more Photoshop fakery

Oh the shame, BP. After yesterday’s BP Photoshop shame story, the company has been forced to admit to a further two doctored images of its oil spill cleanup operation.

The most hilariously bad one is this one, uncovered by Gizmodo, supposedly of a helicopter in flight over the Gulf of Mexico. In reality… well, that control tower in the top-left of the shot should give away that it was completely stationary and grounded when the shot was taken.

Indeed, the original shows the helicopter was on an aircraft carrier at the time.

To its credit, BP has posted the images to its Flickr account. When your reputation’s as shattered as this oil giant’s is, it’s probably best to hold your hands up to everything you’ve done.

The spoofs begin

Meanwhile, the satirical BPGlobalPR account on Twitter has launched a joke ‘Photoshop competition‘. It looks like this spoof image, posted to 9gag today, was a result of that.

And this one adds a  bit more action to the cleanup. A meme is born, folks!

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