Connecticut Wants To Know If Google Tests Their Software

Connecticut Wants To Know If Google Tests Their Software

In their ongoing leadership of a 37 state inquiry into Google’s accidental downloading of consumer data during their Street View project, the Connecticut attorney general is asking Google one big question: did you guys even test this software before you sent it out?

Perhaps building a case for criminal negligence, the good attorney general is sticking it to Google, hard. Bringing the weight of far more than half the Union along with him, Google needs to smash this mosquito before it bites them.

On their probe into this perhaps lack of testing, the attorney general said the following:

“We will take all appropriate steps — including potential legal action if warranted — to obtain complete, comprehensive answers.”

Google of course maintains that it was by accident that they stored and saved consumer internet information, some of which was sensitive. Whether a company of Google’s size can get away with making a global accident of this size is unlikely, but the way that the Connecticut chief litigator is going about his business makes us wonder if he knows anything at all about Google, or software.

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