Borders eBook Store Opens For Business

Borders eBook Store Opens For Business

Borders opened their online eBook store today to join Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Books-a-Million – and soon Google – in the eBook/eReader war.

Borders has already been selling their $149 Kobo eReader, as well as three other eReaders, and has positioned eBook sales as a major part of their business going forward (which also can be attributed to a survival instinct), hoping to take 17% of the market within a year.

The eBook store itself looks like most other eBook stores (we’ll do a comparison at some point), and Borders offers their eBooks in ePub, PDF and mobile specific versions as well. Prices actually seem pretty good, with some titles as low as $0.79 on the homepage, and others for $1.99 and $2.99. That said, they also offer titles at $14.99 which is pretty high (and you can get the entire Twilight Saga for only $46.99!)

Here’s a breakdown from Borders site of their number of current titles, though Borders told us that they have 1.5 million titles at launch, the don’t all show up on the homepage:

File Type
  • ePub (31,685)
  • Mobile (35,661)
  • PDF (108,465)
  • Under $10 (50,214)
  • Under $15 (68,028)
  • Under $20 (76,983)
  • Under $30 (102,753)
  • Over $30 (53,094)

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