Don’t Forget, Free Starbucks WiFi Starts Tomorrow In Canada And The US

Don’t Forget, Free Starbucks WiFi Starts Tomorrow In Canada And The US

This is a friendly reminder from the TNW US staff: tomorrow is the official kick-off of free WiFi at the seventeen million (or so) Starbucks locations that dot the United States.

In other news, lovely free WiFi will also be coming to Canada starting tomorrow. Remember that this free internet in US Starbucks locations is only a piece of a partnership with Yahoo that includes audacious content goals. As we noted before, the content portion of the deal between the coffee and content giants could be bigger than the wonderful news that we get free YouTube with our Mochas:

This is a partnership with a grip of media companies spearheaded by Yahoo to provide access to premium content for free to users on the now gratis Starbucks internet. In other words, with that $7.59 triple shot soy mocha venti concoction you will get to browse the Wall Street Journal at no charge.

Whatever your device, if you are in range of a Starbucks, free things are coming your way. Initial companies involved include “iTunes, The New York Times, Patch, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! and ZAGAT.”

Thank you Starbucks for finally giving us the internet that you should have provided years ago, and thank you to Yahoo for the free reading material.

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