Four Companies Team Together To Help Clean The Gulf

Four Companies Team Together To Help Clean The Gulf

Four technology companies are taking action to help the National Wildlife Federation scrub animals impacted by the Gulf oil leak. The leak has released millions of gallons of oil into heavily populated wildlife areas to disastrous effect. Critters of all stripes are being coated in a think sludge of deadly crude that has sprung from the broken well at the bottom of the ocean.

Those animals need help, and that requires dollars. The companies, Squarespace, WooThemes, CampaignMonitor, and MetaLab are matching donations up to $35,000 to aide the creatures. So far the total donated by individuals rests at $21,276. With the calcuated matching donation, a total so far of $42,552 will be given.

That number can rise with your help. You can donate to support the operation here. Donations start at $10 and rise to $500, payable through PayPal. Will this effort even begin to stem the tragedy? No, but it will help thousands of animals get a second lease on life. BP will pony up money in time to fix a plethora of problems, but for these animals it will be too little, too late. They need help now, and we can bring it to them.

TNW US commends the four companies for leading this effort for positive environmental change. They say that greed runs in strong on Wall Street and in the Valley, but at least some companies are willing to buck the norm and help solve big problems.

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