Kevin Rose Not Quitting Diggnation Just Yet

Kevin Rose Not Quitting Diggnation Just Yet

Just when you were in tears, we bring you back from the brink with good news. According to Kevin Rose himself, Diggnation is not quite over yet. In his own words, which were made in response to the first story out on his possible departure, we have the full skinny:

That somewhat settles it folks, Diggnation will last at least through the year, a new show is coming, and look for the end of Diggnation next year. Now, is everyone more cheerful?

All of this drama surrounding the famous technologist, along with his forthcoming exit from Digg as CEO (again), is enough to leave us all scratching our heads. Kevin, where are you going? What are you plans? More time for Reivion3? More time for your angel investing? More time to just drink beer?

Whatever Kevin is up to, he has an uphill battle ahead of him to silence his and Digg’s critics, reignite traffic growth, and apparently launch a new show. That is one full plate.

More as it comes.

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