Kevin Rose Leaving Diggnation? Say It Isn’t So!

Kevin Rose Leaving Diggnation? Say It Isn’t So!

Update – This is out of date information. Please read this for the latest.

If this is true, the wonderful weekly drinking game in tech world called Diggnation is looking to go bust. Kevin Rose, according to Arrington is leaving the show.

That would leave one co-host in two man show left holding the bag. We feel sorry for you Albrecht.  For the uninitiated, Diggnation is a weekly show hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht that is famous for the two talking about popular Digg stories while drinking themselves into a stupor.

With hundreds of thousands of viewers a week, it is one of the largest and most popular shows online, and is the crown jewel of Revision3. Without Kevin Rose, they show will only have two options, cancel the show or find a new person to sit on a couch with Alex and ramble about technology.

I humbly nominate myself.

This has yet to be confirmed by Kevin, Revision3, or anyone else. We will bring you more when we have it.

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