The Best Laptop Feature In Production

The Best Laptop Feature In Production

Ever spilled on your computer? Whether it was the last beer of the day or the first cup of coffee, liquids and laptops make for a terrible combination. My current favorite laptop can attest to this, and I pray the iPad never has the chance to learn from personal experience.

But what if there was something that made a spill far less dangerous, something that could protect the expensive and sensitive parts of your laptop? So long as the actual guts of your latpop are safe, so are you; keyboards are cheap and simple to replace.

As it turns out, Lenovo has built a feature to do that into their ThinkPad line of laptops. Pour water on the keyboard, and it is caught, and drained out the bottom without bothering any vital part of the computer. It looks like this:

Water in, water out, no damage to my data? If I wasn’t such a Dell fan I might consider a switch. But really, why is this not standard across all laptops? Think of the thousands of people every month who would not lose their presentation the night before it was to be given?

As a consumer I demand that this be built into every future laptop I buy. Get on it, Dell.

Story and image via Design Matters.

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