Zune And United Airlines To Sing Sweet Duet

Zune And United Airlines To Sing Sweet Duet

Zune and United Airlines are teaming up to provide a wider selection of music to United Airlines passengers as they jet around the world.

With the integration of ‘Zune inflight audio’ passengers can access some 21 channels of music that are divided based on genre. The music is selected by the Zune team, handling the process of deciding which tracks are appropriate for each station.

United Airlines is a giant corporation, and the deal will bring unparalleled visibility to the larger Zune brand, which seems to be focusing on far more than mere PMPs. Zune’s best product is its desktop music playing software; this integration with United Airlines should send people to Google in droves looking to find out just what this Zune brand is.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

United operates more than 3,000 flights a day, thus in all likelihood bringing the Zune name to more people on a daily basis then it would reach before in a month. Whether this will allow Zune to break out of its small market share holding pattern remains to be seen.

It is heartening to see Microsoft not backing off of its commitment to the brand, which has had its death rumored at various points in its past.

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