Apple Strikes Back At Google, Turns Logo Into Playable Frogger

Apple Strikes Back At Google, Turns Logo Into Playable Frogger

Steve Jobs was content enough to sit back and watch this week as Google TV leapfrogged Apple TV and Android 2.2 clearly surpassed the current iPhone OS. But today’s move by Google to change its logo into a playable PacMan game was a step-to-far for Apple’s CEO. In response, Apple has started what some are calling the “Atari wars” by changing their logo to a playable version of Frogger.

Apple has also reportedly sued Google for patent infringement, citing its patent application to use its apple logo as a PacMan game, which it submitted in 1983, or about 15 years before Google came about. The suit will most likely appear in federal court later today.

Asked for comment, Brin simply said, “Our PacMan game is open, unlike the walled garden that is Apple’s Frogger.” Google is expected to release a PacMan Logo API to developers soon.

Jobs, for his part, believes that the future of live-Atari-logo-games is in multi-touch. “Frogger-Apple-logo on the iPad is just, well, magical,” said Jobs.

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