The Palm Pre Plus Is Arriving On AT&T This May 16th

The Palm Pre Plus Is Arriving On AT&T This May 16th

The long awaited (by someone, surely) advent of the Palm Pre Plus on AT&T now has a date: May 16th. The cellular company let MobileCrunch know the details, releasing price information at the same time.

The bad news is that very price information, as the the device is to be quite expensive the AT&T network. This will lead to the phone having an abortive launch and life on the provider. The Pre Plus will cost $149.99, after rebate. Oh yes, to get that price you must sign a two year contract.

Steep for a phone that is $100 cheaper on Verizon with a similar contract. Even worse, the iPhone 3G is only $99 on AT&T with a two year contract. So, the Palm Pre Plus has to compete with a price disadvantage against the iPhone on the iPhone’s home turf.

Alas, the Pre does not even have a chance. As a small gleam of hope in the dark cloud, if you buy the phone at an AT&T store you should be able to get a free Touchstone charger.

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