MusikPitch: Bringing crowdsourcing to music.

MusikPitch: Bringing crowdsourcing to music.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a hotbed for music talent.  Contrary to popular belief, Nashville, TN has way more than just Country & Western.  In fact, on any given night, you’ll hear everything from Metal to Drum & Bass.

One sad thing I’ve noticed, though, is that everyone seems to be a musician with a day job.  Long story short, musicians need a way to be able to make more money and people need a better way to buy music.

This is where Nashville-based MusikPitch enters the scene.

MusikPitch is actually two services rolled into one site.  It is connecting songwriters and consumers to create and sell customized music, soundtracks and songs.

For songwriters, you can bid on projects and get a paycheck when you’re chosen.  For those who want their own music, you are able to crowdsource your project to thousands of artists and pick the best choice.

Crowdsourcing isn’t new, but MusikPitch is filling a market that hasn’t otherwise been given much attention – that of custom music.  Whether you need a jingle for your business or a full theatrical score,  you can pitch your job on MusikPitch.

The company sets recommended standard pricing, but you’re able to price and bid according to what you feel is right.  It’s a widely-used model for other crowdsourcing and freelance sites, but with this case it has a different spin.  Buyers simply won’t be able to continually underbid projects, because artistic integrity won’t out-weigh a paycheck.  Conversely, an underbidding provider will only be successful if they’re truly good.

So musicians, get to bidding. I’m about to start a contest for an opening theme for a new podcast. I’ll announce the winning bidder soon.

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