No Surprise: Avatar Crushing Sales Records on DVD and Blu-ray

No Surprise: Avatar Crushing Sales Records on DVD and Blu-ray

We covered Avatar during its release and subsequent box-office success. We watched it cross one billion dollars, discussed its now guaranteed sequels, and can now report on its launch as a movie for purchase.

Avatar was big all around the world, taking in some 2.7 billion USD in ticket sales. The movie was a technological masterpiece, and a cinematic Tour de Force. It should be no surprise that now a few days into its home release on DVD and Blu-ray the movie continues to excel and set records.

On Blu-ray the movie has sold a staggering 2.7 million copies in four days in North America alone. The previous record holder Dark Knight has been put to shame, it having only moved 2.5 million Blu-ray discs in some 18 months. In aggregate for North America the film has sold 6.7 million units. The story just heats up as you move abroad.

France bought 557,000 discs on two days flat. Germany moved nearly half a million in just one day. If you start to add up all the numbers, Avatar is racing towards some 10 million total DVD and Blu-ray discs sold in the world.

The film has yet to be released in the UK and Australia, where it will go on sale on the 29th of this month.

The numbers are impressive, Avatar is a financial success. Past that you can see that the global popularity of the film does have a universal meaning. People from all cultures and nationalities have found it not only good enough to go see in theaters, but also to take home.

Some complained that the plot in Avatar was a touch too played-out, that the tale was formulaic. Perhaps, but Avatar told a story to which anyone and everyone can relate as the sales attest.

If we get any more data, we’ll bring it to you. For now, I think that I have a movie to go watch.

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