Foursquare: The Raw Facts

Foursquare: The Raw Facts

Foursquare has graced us with some killer new data. You recall how this years’ SXSW was supposed to be the location SouthBy? Well, turns out it was.

Sure, Foursquare has more than 600,000 people checking in, but it picked up some 76,000 new users during SXSW, an amazing number given the short duration of the event. And guess how many times people checked in at the actual event? Over a million times.

Foursquare may not be mainstream yet, but it sure as hell is popular among its current userbase.

Just how many people work for Foursquare? Some 16 folks. If you do the math thing, you get it. The number 16 is 4 squared, so given that they are named Foursquare, they are henceforth banned from hiring.

And not that it will be a surprise, but the two cities where Foursquare is the most popular? New York and San Francisco. Who wants to bet that Los Angeles is next on that list?

And what does Foursquare think of themselves as? They are a real-time friend finder and city guide. The badges? Just a hook.

Foursquare has been growing like a weed for so long now that it is hard to recall when most major cities in the world were crying to be let into the service. Of course, we cannot write off its competitors, but whatever Foursquare is doing is working.

They grew more than 10% during one conference. Who has done that since Twitter?

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