Not At SXSWi? Do This Instead.

Not At SXSWi? Do This Instead.

Let’s face it, if you are not at SXSWi (I’m not, and I am quite bitter), you are right now annoyed as all heck at your friends having a ball while you keep working.

Fortunately, there is help to be had. The wonderful and well named has a whole dang list of things that you can do instead. The website calls it “tips for staying sane while not in Austin.”

Besides, we don’t need to conform to going to the indie event! I know that that sounds ironic, but that is too hipster for me to pull off. Take a look at their suggestions for activities to do now in your hometown after the jump.

Best part, those are all links to handling all those lovely tasks. Get it done, and get over your envy. Besides, all those folks are going to get home and be hung-over for a week. We won’t.

So we win in the end right?

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