Mark Zuckerberg Now Worth $4 Billion – Holy Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg Now Worth $4 Billion – Holy Facebook

Forbes keeps tabs on the richest people in the world, counting their billions with ease. Everyone has been keeping an eye on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg since he became the youngest self-made person ever on to the list in 2008.

What is he estimated to be worth now? At a $15 billion dollar Facebook valuation, Forbes claims that Mark Z is worth some $4 billion.

That of course places his total owned percentage owned of Facebook at nearly 27%.

Mark had fallen off of the list in 2009 following the comically bad economic conditions in the United States that shattered private company valuations. Still, over the two years everyone’s favorite Zuck grew his personal stash of cash by some 2.5 billion dollars. Forbes had pegged him at $1.5 billion in 2008.

If you think about it in daily for, $2.5 billion dollars over 730 days works out to over 3.4 million dollars a day. Anybody else want to found a social network?

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