Pulled From The Deadpool For $250,000 Pulled From The Deadpool For $250,000 has managed to find a buyer for itself at its “buy it now” price of $250,000.

Ever since launched as a Tweetmeme competitor I have not been a fan of the company. Their offensively annoying introductory video, ugly interface, and lack of concept innovation irked me.

I gave them a negative review at launch, and actually had the gumption to put them verbally deadpool them on their launch day. I was vindicated recently when the service put itself up for auction on the bidding website Flippa. I expected the saga to end there, with the site selling for a few dollars.

However, lo and behold, someone bought them out for a higher than expected sum. The final bid jumped from just over $200,000 to the quarter million dollar buy it now price on the last day of the auction. Perhaps the site could have gone for more. The website is still live as of 1 Pm PST.

However, it is nearly certain that most of the value in the company is its domain name, which everyone has long agreed to be excellent. Possible trademark infringement, that part of the service was always better than Tweetmeme. The website never found a large audience, and when compared to Tweetmeme is barely a dot to be registered. Check Alexa, it’s not pretty.

Whatever happens to the site, Tweetmeme is still the market leader. Best of luck to the sites new owners, whoever you are.

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