Quick Hit: Amazon The Single Most Trusted Brand In The United States

Quick Hit: Amazon The Single Most Trusted Brand In The United States

amazonlogoIn the United States billions are spent every year building brand images for millions of corporations.

What is the most trusted brand in existence after the chips are down? It’s Amazon.com, making it not only the number one trusted brand here in the States, but also the only brand in the top ten to be an internet company?

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It just beat out FedEx for top place.

What does this mean? That Amazon is the single most mass market internet company? Hardly, Google and Yahoo assuredly rival it for brand pervasiveness. What has Amazon done to capture such mindshare?

There is no single reason, but whatever its secret sauce, Amazon has found its way into the hearts of the American consumer. A round of drinks for Bezos.

Finally, we cannot talk about Amazon without wondering what the latest news surrounding the company means for the Kindle and Amazon’s larger war with Apple. This new data confirms that the Kindle has a strong enough brand behind it to truly go to the mattresses with Apple.

Amazon is the most trusted brand in the US at the moment, but in two years what company will own the consumer’s mindshare for electronic books is all but set.

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