How To (Maybe) Get Into The Starcraft 2 Beta

How To (Maybe) Get Into The Starcraft 2 Beta

starcraft2_logoWant to get into the wonderful Starcraft 2 beta action but don’t have a beta key or account?

Your fearless editor was in just that situation earlier today, and can now happily say that I have nearly remedied my problems.

This is what to do if you want to get in the list for a real (and free) beta key to play the pre-release of the best game coming out since the first Starcraft.

First, go and create a account. It’s free, and just take a moment. Now, you need to have a game in your account to qualify for beta play status, and right now you do not. Remedy this simply by adding the World of Warcraft trial period.

You just qualified to apply to be part of the Starcraft 2 beta. Now click on the beta button in your account screen and download the system scanner. Your computer specifications will be uploaded to the Overlords and you wait.

You just might get a beta key.

Why not just torrent the game? Well, the beta is multiplayer only. You can torrent the game, but without a key you will not make it past the opening screen.

Does this guarantee you access to the beta? No, sadly. But, if you have  a powerful computer it will give you a very solid chance. Now go there and get in!

Oh, and of course, you require more vespene gas.

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