Guess Which Airline Has The Best On Time Record?

Guess Which Airline Has The Best On Time Record?

Southwest_Airlines_logo-1Business travel is either the blight of your existence, or a lovely respite from the humdrum of the grind. Either way, you want to be on time.

So then what has the best record of on time flights? Here is a something that might surprise you, the top carrier for punctuality is a budget airline.

Southwest won the overall on time accolade arriving at the right moment some 83% of the time. Not even near to perfect, but impressive when you consider the number of intangibles that airlines face such as weather, passenger problems and the like.

While Southwest might have landing on time down pat, but it is having a hard time getting its in-flight technology straight. Southwest has been slow to add WiFi to its fleet, starting recently with an expected full roll-out by 2012.

They could almost make that their new logo: on time and low tech. Has a ring to it.

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