Facebook Defeats Yahoo to Become America’s Second Most Popular Website

Facebook Defeats Yahoo to Become America’s Second Most Popular Website

The latest data in from compete.com, shows that Facebook has surpassed Yahoo as America’s second most popular website, leaving only Google in wait.

This last month saw Facebook reach 133 million unique visitors in the US, surpassing Yahoo.com’s 132 million. It is important to remember however that Yahoo does contain a number of subdomains which will be excluded from figures and similarly, the likes of delicious and Flickr are also discounted. In Facebook’s case, the company is smart to place everything under their one Facebook.com domain.

When it comes to engagement however, as Compete’s blog notes, it’s a very different story, Facebook wins hands down.

The chart below indicates the full extent of Facebook’s dominance. There’s no question, Facebook is on a surge and is refusing to slow down. Breaking 400 million users in January, it has also recently released stats pointing towards heavy content sharing and onsite usage. Approximately 50 percent of Facebooks’s active user base (i.e roughly 200 million people), log-on to the social network each day.


According to rival analytics tool Alexa, in Global terms, Facebook surpassed Yahoo late last year (see graph below). I can’t seem to produce a graph only showing US traffic, but Alexa’s rankings list do show that Facebook is also number 2 in the US standings (exactly when that happened is unclear).

Picture 16

It’s important to note that Compete.com only tracks US internet traffic and therefore it’s likely (we believe) to have a more accurate figure to run with. That said, ask any publisher and they’ll tell you that both Alexa and Compete are notably inaccurate. But with few alternatives, it’s all we have to base conclusions on for now.

Via Compete.com and Atul

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